Episode 5: What’s YOLO for You?

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About The Episode

You only live once! The phrase YOLO has reverberated throughout the past decade. For us, though, this phrase carries a double-meaning. While “you only live once” is a perfect statement to push people into action.

Towards spontaneity, it also brings with it, some level of caution. When it is not a call to action, it is a warning.

In this episode, we explore this duality in the ever-present acronym. Throughout the conversation, we realise how all of us perceive it differently when it comes to action and warning.

Coincidentally, we arrive at a neat metaphor to, perhaps, balance it all out. This may be our wildest yet most thoughtful episode yet.

Show Highlights

00:10 YOLO or YOLO
03:00 Preservation vs Expenditure
04:45 The Inner Conflict of the YOLOs
05:35 YOLO: Saying Yes
06:40 (Chiranjeev’s Amazing Phone That’s On Loud During A Podcast)
08:15 Your YOLO Depends On Your Lifestyle
09:45 Focus On The Once or Focus On The Live
10:30 What’s Your Preservation-Expenditure Ratio
12:00 Understand Your Peers
13:05 Which Side Of The Railing Are You On?
13:50 You’re Not Alone On The Terrace
15:50 Come Hang Out by AJR
16:30 Like With All Things: Find Balance
17:20 It’s The Yin-Yang
17:50 The Two Yin-Yangs with the Two YOLOs
18:40 What’s YOLO for You Becomes Larger Than You

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