Episode 21: What’s Your Working Style?

About The Episode

Work is a doozy mainly because everyone likes working differently. A friend you start a podcast with may not be on the same page as you about communication. Your manager may not allow you enough freedom. Your company may have a lot of pencil pushers. All in all, everyone has a working style, and in this episode, we discuss precisely that: our working styles. We talk about what we enjoy and expect, what we hate, why our style works and why it may be a problem in some cases. There’s lots of examples and plenty of value for the careful listener in this one. We hope you enjoy listening to it! If you like our work, consider buying us a coffee.

Show Highlights

00:45 Clear Expectations, Outcomes & Deadlines
02:00 Structure is Good, But Freedom is Better
03:20 Freedom Begets Expectation of (Others’) Freedom
04:30 Pestering and Managing is Often Required
05:00 The Good Manager Challenge
05:45 A Want For Setting Up Systems
06:45 Asynchronous Work is Important
08:00 Fewer Paper Trails, More Accountability
09:10 An Anecdote on Errors
09:55 Acknowledge Errors & Avoid Blame Games
10:45 Patch Holes First, Talk Later
11:50 An Urge to Improve Things

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