Episode 6: Why Should You Have a Routine?

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About The Episode

Since self-improvement is nothing without mentioning routines, we decided to pick the question as well.

However, routines are a broad stroke, if nothing else. So, we decided to split the episode into two parts: the why and the how.

This is the why of routines, and here we talk about our experiences with routines, how they’ve built us up, how they’ve helped us, and so on.

In the episode, we touch upon how routines are everything that remains when a crisis arrives, how we’re always in a routine, and other ideas we feel are worth hearing at least once.

In the next episode, we’ll discuss how we build routines.

Show Highlights

00:20 What is this About?
01:25 Yuvraj’s Pandemic Routine Building
02:30 The Sense of Control
03:25 Routine -> Discipline -> Growth
03:50 Routines Take Out The Guesswork
04:30 Routines Eliminate Indecisiveness
05:00 Routines Bring Freedom
05:45 A Vague Structure To Your Day
06:00 Routine ≠ To-Do List / Calendars
06:45 Routines Are Maps
08:00 Routine ≠ Time Tables
11:30 What You Want To Do vs What You Have To Do
11:55 Get Used to Building Your Days
12:30 Follow Through
12:55 Understand Your Needs, Then Plan
13:20 Your Routine Should Be Structured According To You
14:00 Don’t Follow “Best Practices”
15:15 Routines Are Post-Crash Cushions
16:30 Routines Are Order in the Chaos
17:10 Routines Get Built Anyway
19:25 Being Conscious About Your Routines
19:45 You’re Always in a Routine
21:15 Locus of Control x Routines

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