Episode 22: What Do You Want From Life?

About The Episode

This is one of our most offbeat and open-ended episodes yet. In this one, we talk about wants and mimetic desire, from the ideas of RenĂ© Girard, which we have been introduced to recently. In this conversation (which was interrupted thrice, actually), we talk about what we want from life, our picture of a perfect life, which parts of our lives don’t come from influence and we leave you with an open-ended prompt: why do you want what you want?

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Show Highlights

00:30 On Wanting (The Book)
01:00 Girard & Mimetic Desire
02:00 What Do You Want? To Live A Happy Life
03:30 “A Little Bit Of Everything”
04:45 Seeking Change & Kaizen
05:20 Life Is Peaks & Troughs
05:40 A Digression: Why Do I Write?
07:45 It’s A Question to Ponder Over
08:15 Mimesis Is An Important Concept
09:30 An Open Question…

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