Episode 28: What’s Your Usual Day Like?

About The Episode

While we often talk about ideas, we figured we rarely talk about ourselves in the most personal sense of it. So, we decided, what better way to meet in the middle than talk about our days as we live them currently? Here’s a slightly different episode where we describe what we do, some of why we do it and how it helps us. We talk about waking up in the morning and why we feel early mornings are worth it, we talk about working late at night, and also how we balance things. And since no one is perfect, we also talk about the things we are trying to improve. We hope you like this one, and if you do, don’t forget to buy us a coffee.

Show Highlights

00:40 Yuvraj’s Mornings
01:40 Decompressing After Work
02:20 Spending Time with Family
03:10 Me Time Is Necessary
03:45 Our Usual May Be Someone’s Exceptional
04:30 Deepansh’s 7 AM Days vs 10 AM Days
06:15 The Loop of Working At Night
06:30 Habits, Obviously
07:10 First Half > Second Half
09:40 Don’t Have Coffee After 8!
10:30 Sleep On Time
11:15 Early Morning Slowness

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