Episode 2: How Do You Track Habits?

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About The Episode

This week, we’re talking about tracking habits. Habit tracking seems to be a complex idea with all the articles, videos and obnoxious methods on the internet. It doesn’t have to be as complex though. We share what works for each one of us while diving into the need of tracking habits in the first place. We also talk about where to draw the line, apps like Duolingo and Elevate. We’d love to hear from you as well, how do you track your habits? Send us a voice message on Anchor or reach out to us on letsaskmyfriends.com.

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Show Highlights

01:10 It Should Be Easy!
02:30 Yuvraj’s System: Notebook
04:30 Deepansh’s System: Todoist
06:00 Healthy Apps and Streaks
07:00 Remember When You Started
08:30 Habits & Tracking Evolve Together
10:00 Find What Works For You

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