Episode 35: What Technology Do You Use?

About The Episode

Our lives and technology are so intertwined today that this is really a no-brainer to talk about. You’re mostly going to listen to this episode on a phone or a tablet. There may be a smart speaker in the scene, too. We don’t know, but what we do know is how we use technology, and what we think about it overall. In this wild episode, we talk about tech, how we make buying decisions, how we use it, and most of all, how we look at it all. You can use that nifty phone to support us on buymeacoffee.com, or you can check the shownotes on letsaskmyfriends.com. We hope you like this one! 

Show Highlights

00:00 3 Devices Make A Podcast
01:45 Yuvraj’s Daily Drivers
03:30 It’s About Getting Things Done
05:00 How Deepansh Runs His Life
06:30 2 Things Two Keep In Mind
07:45 Upgrade When You Need It
09:30 Use It With A Purpose
11:20 Use-Case >>> Brand
13:00 1 Final Takeaway

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