Episode 25: How Do You Deal With Stress?

About The Episode

Aren’t we all just stressed about stress? To be honest, there’s so much to stress about, especially if you’re in your twenties. In this episode, we talk about how we deal with stress, what works for us, what has helped us in the past, et al. We also touch upon personal responsibility, asking for help when needed and learning to accept we can’t fix everything. All in all, we hope you’ll take something away from this one. You can support what we do at buymeacoffee.com/lamf.

Show Highlights

01:00 Some Stress is Good
02:00 Taking A Day Off!
03:00 Go Out, Be Vocal, Seek Help
03:30 The Self-Improvement Curse
04:15 Sidenote: The Elders Know Things
05:45 Take A Walk To Nowhere
07:20 Or Go For A Drive
07:50 You Can’t Solve Everything
08:35 Find The Smallest Thing You Can Control
09:10 Just Do The Dishes
09:50 Understand Your Stressors
10:45 “Who Put Me In This Situation?”
11:15 Extreme Accountability

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