Episode 2: What’s Your Life Beyond Your Instagram?

About The Episode

In a slightly offbeat topic, we decided to discuss how social media apps, especially Instagram, have people censor significant aspects of their lives to only post content of a certain kind.

The conversation takes an unexpected turn, though when we realise that each social media platform today now offers a new way to express yourself.

The possibility and the sheer differences in each of our approaches made us realise how each platform can add value to each person’s life differently.

Throughout the episode, we also touch upon feedback loops, setting boundaries, toxic positivity, app management and other healthy social media usage practices which might help you cope with the new normal of platforms all around.

Show Highlights

  • 00:40 What We’re Talking About
  • 02:15 Chiranjev’s View: Create Value, Don’t Share Personal
  • 05:40 Yuvraj’s View: I Try To Be Myself
  • 06:15 Stop Caring What Other’s Might Think
  • 09:30 Feedback Loops And Getting Bubbled
  • 10:30 What You Post Is What You Get
  • 11:00 Toxic Positivity: Overcompensating For The Negative
  • 12:00 Same Person: Different Platforms, Different Sides
  • 14:00 Chiranjeev’s Snapchat System of Accountability
  • 15:20 Finding How You Can Use A Platform
  • 16:00 A New Platform: A New Start
  • 17:30 Your Usage Adapts to a Certain Format
  • 18:30 Duping The Algorithms for the Content You Prefer
  • 20:20 Infinite Possibility of Expression
  • 21:40 Yuvraj’s Epiphany: “Plants Are Living Things”
  • 22:15 Maybe, Posting Specific Things Isn’t A Problem
  • 23:10 The New Normal: Explore Yourself With Each Platform
  • 23:30 Better Social Media: Turn Off Notifications
  • 24:40 Better Social Media: Digital Wellbeing
  • 26:00 Closing Ideas: You Don’t Need Every Platform

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