Episode 20: Are You Speeding Up Or Slowing Down?

About The Episode

This very spontaneous episode starts a bit slower and speeds up along the way so bear with us! We’re slowly trying to change the things we talk about on this podcast and this is a prime example of it! Let’s just say we’re making it more homely. Of course, with some self-improvement advice tucked in between. Speed is a dangerous drug or whatnot. If you don’t jump, you remain stuck in the same place. Which one to pick, right? We’ve realised there’s no one speed—we’re always in transition. So, in this one, we talk about how (not where) we’re coming from wherever we are, and how we are going forward!

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Show Highlights

01:00 It’s Not Fast Or Slow: It’s Both!
02:00 Yuvraj’s Current Life
03:00 From Fast To Slow: A Recap
04:30 Sometimes, It’s All About More
05:00 When The Context Slows Down…
06:00 Which Is Healthier?
06:45 As Always, Balance is Key!
07:20 Consciously or Unconsciously: You’ll Slow Down
08:15 To Slow Down Or Speed Up Is A Decision
09:00 “What Will It Take For Me To Slowdown?”
10:30 A Collective Rant On Slow Cities
11:10 The Environment Also Affects Your Speed
11:55 A Fast Life Could Also Be Your Comfort Zone
12:30 A Collective Rant On Hustle Culture

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