Episode 31: What’s Your Self-Talk Like?

About The Episode

All of us have a voice within ourselves. When used right, self-talk can be a fantastic comrade and motivator. When left to its own devices, it can be a terrible master. In this episode, which is the first ever episode that comes from the suggestion of a listener, we talk about how we talk to ourselves. We dive into the tone each of us uses, how it helps us, and the little hacks we’ve picked up and developed over the years. As always, you can help us by buying us a coffee at buymeacoffee.com/lamf.

Show Highlights

00:00 Thank You For The Suggestion!
01:00 It’s Meant For Motivation
02:00 You’re Your Own Teammate
03:10 Gotta Be Strict, Too!
04:45 You Have Multiple Perspectives
06:15 Kindness ‚Ȇ¬†Complacency
07:20 Credit Where It’s Due
07:25 Criticism Where It’s True
09:20 Help Yourself Plan Better
10:00 Quick Check-ins!
12:30 It’s All About Honesty

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