Episode 36: How Hard Is It To Make A Podcast?

About The Episode

This moment is never easy, but well, this very meta episode is an honest, unplanned commentary and discussion on the challenges for this season which has now come to an end. We did not want to end it abruptly, so this is a proper sendoff, and like any good series, there is a soft cliffhanger in case we decide to come back for the third one. You know what they say, the third one’s the charm and all. In this one, we talk about where we are currently, how this journey has been, and why we feel this is the best place to end it. Thank you for your support so far! Thank you for tuning in every week! If you think we did a good job with this season, you can still support us on buymeacoffee.com/lamf. Thank you again, and we’ll probably see you in the next one!

Show Highlights

00:00 We Never Talk About The Podcast!
02:00 It’s Not Easy Doing It On The Side
03:00 It’s Never Ideal, But It’s A Choice
03:45 It’s Now: High Effort, Low Impact
04:55 Season 1 -> Season 2 Has Been a Leap
05:30 Not Riding On Trends!
06:00 Not Much To Self-Improvement
07:30 It’s A Simple Idea: Do It
08:10 The Challenges

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