Episode 14: How Do You Rate Your Life?

About The Episode

All of us aspire for better lives, and all of us have some way of measuring how close or far we are from the ideal versions of our lives. In this slightly shorter and more chill episode, we share how we rate our lives, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly of doing so. We hope we add some value to your day with the little time we take away from it.

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Show Highlights

00:45 Yuvraj’s 5-Category Average
03:30 Deepansh’s Mental Pie
04:30 What Happens When It Breaks?
05:50 “It’s a 7 on 10”
06:20 It Will Never Be A 10
07:30 There Is No Ideal Gas Life
08:25 Where Can You Improve?
09:00 It’s All About Introspection

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