Episode 27: Why Should I Be Proactive?

About The Episode

To be proactive is to plan ahead. At least, that is where we begin this episode and we take you through a little conversation about the ins and outs of planning, about where we falter, about why planning ahead works and how far can we see. All in all, this is an episode we are extremely proud of. It also happens to be the episode prompt that was decided five minutes before recording. Talk about proactivity? 👀

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Show Highlights

01:00 It’s A Game of Chess
01:50 You Can Control Some Things
03:00 Proactiveness is Awareness
03:45 Planning Ahead Makes Things Predictable
04:30 Proactiveness Reduces Collateral Damage
05:10 Flipsides: Overplanning & Stressing Out
06:00 Don’t Blame Yourself For Not Planning Enough…
06:15 Short Term v Long Term
07:00 “Good Planning” Is Also Luck
08:15 To Not Be On Autopilot

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