Episode 12: What Are Your Priorities?

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About The Episode

Priorities are something that most people don’t talk about much. We often claim to have priorities that our actions go entirely against. It’s typical behaviour.

For example, someone who says that financial freedom is their priority and yet fails to contain their splurging is not in sync with their real priorities. You can think of countless examples from so many lives you’re privy to, including your own. Most of us falter at some point when it comes to priorities.

In this episode, we wanted to touch upon our current priorities, how we prioritise, what our understanding of the entire idea is, how we avoid errors, how we fail at it and so on. We hope you enjoy our little discussion!

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Show Highlights

00:45 Prior -> Priorities
01:30 What Do Priorities Affect?
02:30 Chiranveev’s Current Priorities
03:50 Priorities Give Direction
04:45 Deepansh’s Anecdote: Change
05:20 Priorities Are A Rolling Ball
06:35 Are There Core Priorities?
07:35 The List Of Priorities
10:30 Chiranjeev’s Analogy
11:55 Yuvraj’s Current Priorities
13:25 Priorities Make People Different
14:15 Your Story Forms Your Priorities
15:00 The Interplay of Priorities
16:00 Priorities Are What You Do
17:40 Priorities Inspire Action
21:40 Where Is It That You Want To Go?
24:15 Not What You Want To Do
24:45 Honesty -> Better Priorities

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