Episode 10: How Often Do You Overthink?

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About The Episode

Are you a chronic overthinker? All of us are guilty of overthinking. Most of us have a friend who says, “Damn, man. You think too much,” or maybe, we are that friend for many people. So, we decided to ask the same thing.

During this episode, we talk about our individual experiences with thinking about things and then thinking about thinking. We try to answer how we define what “over” is for all three of us. We also share what works for us, what has worked for us in the past, things and tools we use to cut our thought from going into that spiral.

We think you’ll like this episode. If you don’t, we’ll keep thinking about it, going in circles, wondering what happened.

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Show Highlights

00:35 Let’s Think About Overthinking
01:35 “We Can Think About Thinking”
02:00 Yuvraj: You Can’t Control It
03:45 Chiranjeev: What Are You Currently Distracted By?
04:25 What is “Over” for You?
05:55 It’s A Muscle You’re Flexing
07:50 Why Won’t You Attend To What’s Important?
08:35 When It Starts To Get Irrational…
13:20 How Do We Know It’s “Over”?
13:40 What-If vs What-Is
14:00 Yuvraj: Does This Thought Affect Your Life?
16:10 Chiranjeev: Get a Second Opinion
17:25 Deepansh’s Tips: Philosophical Razors
18:05 Occam’s Razor: Keep It Simple
18:35 Hanlon’s Razor: People Are Dumb, Not Evil

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