Episode 19: How To Stay Motivated?

About The Episode

Remember that Shia Labeouf video? Yeah, we picture it sometimes too. Motivation is a tough sell, man, and it’s hard to do things regularly or every day. But we know a thing or two about it. In this episode, we share our philosophies around motivation. We’re all over the place which is a good thing for you—you get all perspectives and ideas in a neatly packed episode. Is that motivation enough to listen to this?

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Show Highlights

00:30 How To Manage Everything?
01:15 “Who Put You In This Situation?”
02:15 Do You Love What You Do?
03:50 Short-Term < Long-Term
04:25 Intrinsic vs Extrinsic
05:25 What Happens When You Achieve A Goal?
06:00 Goals Change!
07:10 JUST DO IT!
07:50 Sticking To You Word Works
08:30 Remind Yourself How Far You’ve Come
09:25 Celebrate Small Victories
10:00 Consistency Looks Different Everyday
13:15 If You Want Go, You’ll Find A Way
13:45 When Nothing Works, Doing Nothing Works

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