Episode 3: What’s Your Relationship with Money?

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About The Episode

After realising that not everyone talks to their friends about money, we decided to bring that as a question as an episode. Money is essential, there’s no denying that. Still, there has to be a balance between its importance for a person and the things that they genuinely value.

In this episode, we discuss our individual relationships with money, our journeys with finance so far, how we save or accrue money, things that we’ve tried, ideas that we follow and so on. This is a packed episode!

We’ve also shared the resources we’ve mentioned below.

Show Highlights

  • 00:35 Why Don’t People Discuss Money?
  • 01:35 It Probably Stems From The Household
  • 03:45 Ask Your Friends If You’re Clueless
  • 05:00 The More You Normalize It, The Easier It Gets
  • 06:35 The Internet: Put A Bucket Under The Rain
  • 07:00 Freelancing For Students
  • 07:30 The New Internet Landscape
  • 09:15 “Build Once, Sell Twice”
  • 11:15 Conventional Idea: Saving More
  • 12:30 You’re Dependent On Those Who Give You Money
  • 13:00 “You can only jump higher if you have a safe place to fall.”
  • 14:20 Take Calculated Risks
  • 14:30 Chiranjeev’s First Instance of Financial Freedom
  • 16:45 Money-Happiness Index
  • 17:50 Find Priorities Beyond Money
  • 18:35 Some Things Beyond Money For Happiness
  • 20:20 What Do You Do With Your Money?
  • 22:00 Let’s Talk About Savings
  • 23:00 Educate Yourself on Finance
  • 23:30 Have Things In Place Which Automatically Save Money
  • 24:15 The Discipline of Savings
  • 25:45 The Power of Compounding
  • 26:05 “It’s a Marathon, it’s not a Sprint.”
  • 26:30 No Direct Advice, Find Your Own Fit
  • 26:50 Some Ideas For Where To Learn More (Also Below)
  • 27:40 Always Take Advice with a Grain of Salt


Here’s a list of the resources we’ve mentioned in the episode:

  • Fiverr: Freelancing website that all three of us have used firsthand
  • Varsity by Zerodha: Great app to learn about the Indian financial context
  • r/IndiaInvestments: Subreddit for investments in India
  • r/FIRE: Subreddit for the FIRE movement
  • r/FireIndia: Subreddit for the FIRE movement in India
  • FIRE movement: A lifestyle movement which helps you make choices that may help you retire early
  • Morning Brew: Great source of financial and business news all over the world

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