Episode 32: How Do You Make Time?

About The Episode

Productivity, habits, balance are all different words that lead to the single bottom line: time management and the art of making time. In this episode, we talk about how we make time, how we think about time, and in general, how we balance the triad of have, want and for others. We also talk about how environment plays a huge role in how well you manage time. Without wasting any more time here, why don’t you dive into it? If you like it, and if it was worth your time, please feel free to support us by buying us a coffee!

Show Highlights

01:00 What Choice Do You Have?
01:15 The Triad: Have, Want, Others
02:10 Observe Your Days
03:15 A Shift: Think In Time
04:00 Use A To-Do List & A Calendar
05:35 There’s Just 24 Hours
06:40 Don’t Starve Yourself Of Fun
08:00 There Are Always Messy Days
09:15 New Idea: Think In Intensity
10:20 You Can Make Time Or An Excuse
10:45 Your Environment Matters
11:50 It’s Not Hustle If You Enjoy It
12:50 A Rant 🙂

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