Episode 17: How To Balance Lifestyle & Money?

About The Episode

To splurge or not to splurge? That is the question. In this episode, we dive into how we think about lifestyle and money. We share ideas and anecdotes, we talk about transparency with those in our lives, the upper limit of expenditure, and planning ahead of time. All that along with when it is okay to go wild with your finances. We had so much to say, the 15-minute limit had us grabbing onto so many ideas. If there’s ever going to be a sequel episode, this would be the first one we talk about.

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Show Highlights

00:30 It’s An Ongoing Journey
01:10 Know Your Limits
01:25 The FOMO Is Strong
02:05 What Is Your Normal?
03:15 Lifestyle Creep: Getting Used to Things
04:25 The Balance, Not Income, Dictates Happiness
05:10 Being Transparent With Those Around Us
06:40 Don’t Spend More Than You Make
08:00 Learn To Use Credit Correctly
09:00 Planning Goes A Long Way
10:45 Don’t Rush To A Lifestyle
12:15 If You’ve Saved Enough, Go Wild

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