Episode 10: What Are Our Top 5 Principles for Investing?

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About The Episode

Investing is something we’ve been learning a lot about over the past couple of years. We decided to compile the top five principles we follow and agree on along with a tiny bonus tip. In this episode, we talk about the long game, researching, diversification and more. We hope you like this episode. It’s slightly different from our usual ones.

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Show Highlights

00:40 Principle 1 – Play The Long Game
01:15 Don’t Forget to Weed the Garden
02:10 Principle 2 – Do Your Own Research
03:20 Principle 3 – Diversify your Portfolio
04:45 Principle 4 – Buy the Dip
05:55 Principle 5 – Safe Stocks Usually Work
07:45 Bonus: Increase Income First

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