Episode 8: What is Information Overload?

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About The Episode

We’re surrounded by information today. It is the Information Age after all. Yet, information overload is a real thing that is proving to be a huge pain point for so many peopleā€”us included. In this episode, we ironically talk about what information overload is, digital wellbeing, consumption of news, reading and countless other ways we get information today. We talk about how we manage our information consumption as well. We hope you enjoy this candid episode!

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Show Highlights

00:30 Relevance and Retention
02:00 Information Feels Good
02:45 The Levels of Information Around Us
03:30 The Internet Evolved, We Didn’t
04:45 You Cannot Worry About Everything
05:00 News is a Larger Problem
06:45 Awareness is Nothing without Action
07:30 Twitter, Celebrities & Cancel Culture
09:00 Digital Wellbeing (Again!)
10:15 Learn to Sit with It!
12:00 Context Switching & Brain Tabs
12:30 Social Media Coffee Breaks are Expensive!
13:10 Who Do You Let In?

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