Episode 7: How To Build Your Routine?

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About The Episode

In the last episode, we discussed why routines are important. The reason for splitting the idea of routines into two episodes—the why and the how—was to make sure we give both the motivation and the process equal time and attention.

So, in this episode, we talk about the best practices (please take that with a grain of salt) that work for each of us, the different methods that we use to build our routines, the ways we track habits, and more importantly, how do we rebuild a routine once it’s broken.

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Show Highlights

01:15 Deepansh’s One Rule: Start Small
04:00 Yuvraj’s Tip: Sustainable Routines
05:45 Chiranjeev’s Method: Do One Thing Right
07:35 Chaining Everything Around One Activity
08:45 The Solar System Method of Routines
11:15 Fixed Sleep Schedules Beget Good Routines
12:30 Chiranjeev’s Tips for a Good Sleep
15:15 Learn to Beditate
16:15 Find Your Weakest Link and Fix That
19:05 What To Do When Your Routine Breaks?
19:55 Get Out Of Denial; Start From Scratch
21:20 Tone Down The Primary Activity or Weakest Link
22:25 Motto: No More Zero Days
23:30 Key Idea: Don’t Miss It Twice
24:30 Pro Tip: Use Habit Trackers

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