Episode 34: What Hobbies Have You Forgotten?

About The Episode

Has it ever happened to you when someone mentioned a cool, new activity, you remembered how you used to do it, and now it is just a “thing that I used to do”? It surely has happened to us, and in this episode, that is what we talk about. Things that once were our favourite things to do but now have just become fond memories. We talk about football, table tennis, sports, in general, Counter-Strike, board games, painting and making art, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and we urge you to send us what you miss doing. We’d love to talk about it! As always, you can buy us a coffee to make sure this podcast does not become a thing we used to do.

Show Highlights

00:51 When Did Our Hobbies Fizzle Out?
03:10 How Priorities Change
03:59 On Playing Football!
04:58 Love For Board Games
06:12 Nostalgia & Counter-Strike
10:00 On Drawing And Sketching!
13:04 Molding The Clay of Time

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