Episode 30: How To Handle Happiness?

About The Episode

In this episode, we reflect over how over the past few months, we’ve become much happier with our lives, days and the general direction of things. Mainly, however, we’ve talked about the issues that pop up once happiness arrives and how to get past them. We talk about guilt, imagined troubles, embracing the simpler things, knowing it will end at some point and so much more. We’ll let you be the judge of the rest. Let’s hope you’re happy with this slightly different episode. As always, you can help us by buying us a coffee at buymeacoffee.com/lamf.

Show Highlights

00:00 Setting the Stage
01:10 Stop To Reflect On Happiness
02:00 What Do I Do Now That I’m Happy?
03:15 Step One: Savour The Moment
06:00 Enter: Doubt & Guilt
07:00 Self Affirmations For The Win
08:40 Problem Solvers & Imagined Troubles

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