Episode 33: What’s Your Idea of Fun?

About The Episode

At the end of the day, everyone wants to have some fun, but what’s fun for us may not be fun for you. That’s exactly where we go today: what is your idea of fun? We talk about conversation, walking, doing anything that brings you joy, how fun is necessary and how we make the most menial tasks fun. All in all, a fun episode, innit? Let us know what you think of this one on Instagram, and you can always buy us a coffee (please!).

Show Highlights

00:45 Before We Get Into It…
01:45 Conversation!
02:40 What Makes Time Fly?
03:45 On Walking & Coffee
05:30 Fun & Doing It For Freedom
07:55 A Gateway To Do Things You Don’t Like
08:45 Your Happiness Depends On It
10:00 Making Chores Fun!
11:05 Make It A Habit!

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