The Friends

I mean, it’d be unfair if you were listening to something called Let’s Ask My Friends, and you didn’t know who the friends were, right?

We are three friends: a blogger, a self-improvement junkie and an aspiring filmmaker. We know we don’t bring heavy credentials to the table but we feel there’s some wisdom in our everydayness.


Deepansh is a writer and blogger who writes on his website Nudge › How. He’s currently voluntarily unemployed, focusing on his own learning path, projects and writing.

You can find him at @thatpolymathguy on Instagram and Twitter.


Yuvraj is a fitness enthusiast and self-improvement junkie who manages supply chains at work and is also impeccably good at chaining the right habits!

You can find him at @i_am_mr.y on Instagram and @yuvraj447 on Twitter.


Chiranjeev is a creative fanatic and the audio guy behind LAMF. He is a filmmaker pursuing Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication.

You can connect with him at @filmkaaar on Instagram.

So, there you have it. We are your friends. Reach out to us on our social media or just all of us together using the contact page here.