Episode 9: How to Build Flexible Routines?

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About The Episode

All good routines are flexible. Life is serendipitous and random. We never know what we get on any day. Routines can seem stringent and tight which is why they break. In this episode, we talk about our approach to building routines, how we make them more flexible, how our routines fare with what life throws at us and how we navigate through it all. Packed with examples and echoes from noisy neighbours and their dogs, here’s us talking about routines yet again!

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Show Highlights

00:30 All Routines Should Be Flexible
01:45 We Don’t Live In Isolation
02:25 “Assume Formlessness” — Robert Greene
02:55 Spartans vs Athenians
03:45 Stoicism / “Just Be Water” — Bruce Lee
04:30 All Good Systems Are Malleable
06:25 On COVID-19
07:20 How Elastic Are Your Routines?
09:30 Focus On The Activity Not The Form
10:10 Timetables Work… But Not As Well
10:45 Cut Down If You’re Overwhelmed
12:05 Build Your Bare Minimum

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