Episode 9: What is Fitness to You?

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About The Episode

Fitness is important. We won’t bore you with cliches and quotes on how a fit body leads to a fit mind. However, we touched this topic because fitness is also very toxic, if not one of the most toxic topics out there. The reason is because people don’t understand what fitness is to them.

It means different things to different people. Fitness for an athlete and a programmer are bound to mean different things. Yet, they go to the same gym and get the same trainer. It’s a lot of hullabaloo without much consequence when it comes to fitness.

In this episode, we talk about our experiences and journeys towards finding our definitions for fitness. Spoiler alert! It means different things for all three of us.

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Show Highlights

01:50 Yuvraj’s Why For Fitness
03:00 Deepansh’s Anecdote for Identity
04:00 Unlearning Your Defense Mechanisms
05:20 Chiranjeev’s Idea of Fitness
06:25 Chiranjeev, That Cycle Guy
08:45 “It’s Always About Fun”
09:30 “It’s Important To Have Fun While Working Out”
10:40 If It’s Fun, You Can Do It Longer
10:55 Fitness is a Single Player Game
11:15 Deepansh’s Experience with Gyms
12:30 Moving to Bodyweight Workouts
16:00 Problem with “Fitness”
17:30 Make Fitness Easier for People
17:45 Finding People Who Have The Same Idea for Fitness
18:40 Deepansh’s Definition of Fitness
22:15 Yuvraj’s Definition of Fitness
23:30 “If You Don’t Get Tired, And Feel Better Instead, Do More Of It”
25:20 Experiencing The Post-Workout High
26:35 Stop Following Fad Diets, Use Your Phone Instead

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