Episode 8: How Do You Deal with Failures?

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About The Episode

Everybody fails. There’s no lie about it. Failure sucks and hits hard, and usually when we’re already down. It can be difficult to get out of a failed situation. It could be a failed business, a failed relationship, or even a failed task. There’s no scale here. It’s all equal.

However, in failure lies learning. In failure, lies hope to try again. So, we wanted to ask each other how we deal with failures. In this episode, we talk about what motivates us to get out of our slumps, what struggles we’ve had, and how the act of failing has made us who we are over the years.

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Show Highlights

01:30 Everyone Goes Through Failure
02:20 Chiranjeev’s Anecdote with a Startup
04:10 When You Fail, You Have The Knowledge
04:45 It’s Not You, It’s The Situation
04:50 Deepansh’s Anecdote with Relationships
06:00 Cognitive Reframing & Failures
07:25 An Example for Cognitive Reframing
08:30 Get Out of the Feedback Loop from Hell
09:45 “Maybe You Did Not Fail, Maybe It’s Just a Minor Setback”
10:40 Use Memory To Learn Things, Then Forget About It
13:05 It’s Not Just The Outside, It Could Be You Too
13:55 “Maybe You Win, Maybe You Learn, You Never Lose”
14:35 Anecdote about Let’s Ask My Friends
15:05 Full Circle: Sitting Together to Record
16:30 How Do We Get To The Learning?
16:40 Chiranjeev’s Method: Sit with It
18:15 Deepansh’s Rule: Find The One Thing You Can Control
20:45 Not Everyone Can Introspect Immediately
21:35 Yuvraj’s Question: What’s Your Life Beyond Where You Failed?
22:55 There’s No Smoothie for Failure

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