Episode 5: Why & How Do You Learn?

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About The Episode

Learning is important to us, if that isn’t evident with the way we approach this podcast (and our lives), but there are things we’ve learned about learning itself. In this episode, we discuss our approach to learning, why we do it, what are some of our hacks, how we approach the idea of learning anything overall. We really hope you take something away from this episode. We had a lot of fun with this discussion.

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Show Highlights

00:15 Setting the Stage
00:30 Find Your Why
01:30 Our Why Dictates How We Learn
02:00 Sometimes, You Find It While Learning
03:00 Sometimes, Your Why Can Be: For Fun!
04:15 Being Conscious of Learning
05:10 Have A Plan (Even If You Don’t Follow It)
07:15 Test Yourself Regularly
09:45 Let’s Talk About Information Overload
10:30 Don’t Shy Away From Revisiting Things

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