Episode 29: How Do You Deal With Rejections?

About The Episode

Rejections are dime a dozen. At least, that’s where we stand. Or are we somehow at the brunt of more rejections than most people? We don’t know but we know how we deal with them, and in this episode, that’s what we talk about. We talk about our opposing perspectives, our agreements, our histories with rejections and more. We also share why we think it’s overall a good thing and if there’s something that should be normalized, it’s rejections. Support us at buymeacoffee.com/lamf.

Show Highlights

01:00 Of 2021 And 263 Jobs
02:00 You Get Used To It
02:50 It Comes With Maturity & Age
03:50 Look At How Your Parents Cope
04:45 You Can Train Yourself For It
05:25 Not Everything is For You
06:00 Maybe, Take It As A Nudge
07:00 Rejections Beget Growth
08:00 Improve Regardless of Rejections
08:15 Don’t Become A Bad Scientist
09:50 It’s Specific To You & The Type
10:10 Rejections Remove Fear of Failure
11:20 Shoot Your Shot
11:45 It’s Okay To Get Rejected

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