Episode 16: What Are Your Limitations?

About The Episode

Everyone has limitations, especially two friends who sit around and talk about life every week. In this episode, we take turns to share our limitations, where we feel we can work on, bouncing ideas off each other and adding perspective for anyone who might relate. Throughout the episode, we touch upon the idea of control, urgency, collaboration, independence. We hope you find value in this joke-filled episode. As always, you can always buy us a coffee to help us keep this up!

Show Highlights

00:45 The Perfectionism Problem
02:15 It Can Be A Strength, Too
02:45 “Done Is Better Than Perfect”
03:35 The Energy… Or Lackthereof
04:20 Are You Tired Or Is It Poor Planning?
05:45 If It’s Important, Do It First
06:35 Not A Team Player
08:55 The Urgency Instinct
10:00 Worry When It Happens
10:45 Miscellaneous Jokes

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