Episode 12: Do You Value Time?

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About The Episode

It’s about time we talked about time on the podcast. In this episode, we talk about the role time plays in our lives, why we value it, and more. We touch upon the idea of deadlines, anecdotes on dating and meeting people, and flexibility when it comes to time. There are obviously some jokes peppered in between this candid interaction on the idea of time. If you like this episode, don’t forget to rate the podcast and tell others about it.

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Show Highlights

00:40 Everyone Values Time Differently
01:05 Where It Comes From?
02:00 You Can Be Late (If Both Parties Agree)
02:30 Being Late is a Fine Line
03:00 A Note on Deadlines
03:45 Deadlines Create Pressure for Some
04:45 You Take The Time As You Give Yourself
05:25 Deadlines Should Be Leveraged
05:45 How To Deal With People Who Don’t Value Time?
06:35 An Anecdote on Coffee & Waiting
07:30 Add Cushions in Your Plans
08:45 Time & Habits
09:45 Specific Timestamps Don’t Matter
10:15 Look At Days, Not The Time
11:00 Flexible Routines Have Limits
11:40 Valuing Time Makes You Dependable

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