Episode 18: How To Be More Disciplined?

About The Episode

Discipline, discipline, discipline. It’s all we heard as kids. It’s all we wish we had paid more attention to. Building habits, being more disciplined is definitely harder as an adult. Or so it seems. In this episode, we discuss our understand of living a discipline life. We also share what works for us, the tiny hacks that help us build it easily, some strong opinions included, this is an episode we did not even want to record, but recorded anyway. Talk about discipline. If you liked this conversation, feel free to share this or buy us a coffee.

Show Highlights

00:45 It’s Obviously Important
01:30 Be One With The Idea
02:15 Intrinsic v Extrinsic Motivation
03:05 Define What It Means To You
03:15 Lifestyle Creep: Getting Used to Things
04:45 Don’t Break Your Own Promises
05:30 No One But You Cares About You Things
06:30 Stress Test Yourself Now and Then
07:15 Learn Second-Order Thinking
09:15 Don’t Share It Till You Develop It
10:10 Discipline + X = Better X
11:30 Good Cop, Bad Cop Self-Talk

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