Episode 13: How Do You Make Decisions?

About The Episode

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make them all the time. Sometimes, they are about what we’re wearing, and sometimes, they are about how our lives will look going forward. In this episode, we touch upon the latter, talking about our decision-making processes for life-changing decisions. This episode is about the crossroads-level stuff. We talk about how we quit our jobs, how staying in a bad relationship can hurt more, how fast or slow decisions can change things different. We also talk about analysis paralysis and whatnot. Overall, it’s packed. We’ll let you decide if you want to give it a listen.

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Show Highlights

00:45 From the Head or the Heart?
01:00 Deepansh’s Unstructured Process
02:30 Talk To People To Fill Holes
02:55 Yuvraj’s Structured Process
03:50 Plan For Worst-Case Scenarios
04:45 When the Head Fails, Use the Heart
05:35 Can You Deal With It? If Yes, Go For It
07:10 A Good Social Support System Helps
08:10 Why Wait If You Have Enough Information?
09:00 Lack of Information or Fear of Failure?
09:30 Accountability Defeats Analysis Paralysis
10:45 Are You Afraid of Change?
11:15 Takeaways

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