Episode 7: How To Have Better Conversations?

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About The Episode

We’re going a bit meta with this one. Here’s a podcast episode where we talk about how to talk better… or at least, the few things we’ve learned over the years and follow right now. Conversations are tough, and we’ve been on the receiving end of leaving some with a bad taste in our mouth and souls. Here’s how to have better conversations, in our opinion.

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Show Highlights

00:50 Be Curious; Ask More Questions
02:30 Learn Agreeing to Disagree
04:00 Learn Using “In my Opinion”
05:00 But Don’t Overuse It
05:20 Have Difficult Conversations Often
06:30 Gauge Reactions & Set Boundaries
07:30 Keep Your Emotions in Check
08:35 Do They Want To Talk About It?
12:00 “Let’s Talk Later” Is (Mostly) A Favour
12:45 Good Conversations are a Dance
13:20 Always Leave on a High

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