Episode 4: When’s It Okay To Compare Yourself To Others?

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About The Episode

Comparisons are often frowned upon, and of course, they don’t make us feel great most of the time. However, there’s a not-talked-about upside to comparing yourself with others. In fact, if done right, it can become a brilliant catalyst to push you in a better direction. Our friendship thrives on healthy rivalries and pushing each other forward. In this episode, we talk about exactly that: when is it okay to compare yourself to others?

Show Highlights

00:00 Where’s This Coming From?
02:00 To Compare Or To Not Compare, That Is The Question
02:45 When Does It Make Sense To Compare?
03:00 The Filmmaker’s Perspective
05:00 Comparisons for Direction vs Envy
05:40 The Friendly Battle of Fitness
08:00 Healthy Comparisons
09:00 Comparisons for Motivation
11:00 Comparisons for Accountability
11:30 Be Open About Your Comparisons
13:00 The Anime Perspective
13:50 Moderate The Competitiveness
15:00 Locus of Control for Comparisons
16:40 What Is Locus Of Control, Though?
19:00 What’s Okay and What’s Not
22:00 Caution: You Can’t Compare Your Life Directly
22:30 “Always Compare Up, Never Compare Down”
22:45 Key: How Do They Make You Feel?

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