Episode 23: How Do You Cope With Change?

About The Episode

The trick to a happy life is how you manage change because change is going to come whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, and whether you’re ready or not. In this episode, we talk about how we deal and cope with change. We talk about the idea of a shiver, of making systems, of the smallest possible change and more. We hope we change your perspective on change to some degree. You can always buy us a coffee and hit us up on Instagram!

Show Highlights

00:10 Laying The Groundwork
01:00 Change Is Always Uncharted Ground
01:40 Structure Resists Change
02:10 On Uncertainty
02:45 Change Also Brings Growth
03:00 “The Shiver”
04:50 Our Constants Ground Us
05:55 Allow For Things To Be Reformed
07:00 Find What Ticks You
08:30 You Don’t Want To Trade Everything!
09:00 Find The Lowest Possible Change
10:00 Control What You Can Control

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