Episode 11: What Do Boundaries Mean To You?

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About The Episode

Boundaries are important. They’re important not just for individuals but for all social relationships in an individual’s life. When boundaries are enforced correctly, be it in personal, professional or social situations, they help us live our lives as per our comfort and understanding.

There’s also a downside when the boundaries get too stringent. We explore all of that and more in this episode. We talk about our experiences with both enforcing and breaking boundaries, why we find boundary-setting difficult, how we actually define boundaries and so on.

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Show Highlights

00:45 What Are Boundaries?
01:50 Boundaries Regarding Personal Space
02:40 Boundaries Go Both Ways
04:10 It’s Important To Talk About It
05:55 The Biggest Challenge With Boundaries
06:45 If Not Set, They Hinder The Long-Term
07:50 It’s Easier To Have Uncomfortable Once Than Daily
08:15 Not Enforcing Boundaries Is Lying By Omission
10:15 It’s Important To Enforce Them
12:00 Boundaries Depend Upon Environments
13:00 Chiranjeev’s Anecodote: Breaking a Boundary
14:35 Environments & Personal History Makes Boundaries Difficult
15:50 Boundaries Don’t Involve A “But”
17:25 It’s Difficult To Admit You’re Wrong
18:40 You Don’t Need To Understand Someone’s Boundaries
18:50 Deepansh’s Anecdote: With Breaking A Boundary
20:30 Devil Advocate: Are Boundaries Always Good
23:40 You Can’t Expect The World To Change
24:20 Be For Your Relationships, Not Against

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