Episode 26: Are You Bored?

About The Episode

Let’s talk boredom! In this episode, we talk about why we feel boredom is important, why every good thing comes out of boredom, why we feel the cheap ways to entertain ourselves like movies, streaming, Instagram need to be curbed a little. Overall, this episode has a strong opinion to it but we promise it’s not boring. In any case, if you’re bored enough to read this description, why not give it a listen? You can always make sure we don’t get bored of doing this by incentivizing us with that coffee.

Show Highlights

00:30 Where Is This Coming From?
02:10 Boredom Gives You Space To Rest
02:45 Context Switching: The Cons
04:00 To Be Bored Is To Think
04:50 Boredom & Mimetic Desire
06:30 The Thousand Ways To Be Entertained
07:00 Getting Rid of Instagram (Somewhat)
08:10 Scrolling Through Everything
11:00 Find Difficult Solutions To Boredom

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