Episode 1: Are You Alone or Are You Lonely?

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About The Episode

In this episode, we wrestle with the differences between when someone is just alone and when that turns into loneliness. Since each of us have had our own tryst with both of them, the discussion evolves into a collection of interesting anecdotes.

We also share how we cope with loneliness, what works for us and what we feel could be the way to get out of loneliness once it hits you. There’s no denying it always hits, eventually.

We hope this helps you out in some way, and we hope our collective experience through this conversation is worth your while.

Show Highlights

  • 00:45 What’s the difference between Alone and Lonely?
  • 03:50 Dealing with Loneliness: Befriend your Barista
  • 06:10 “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you”
  • 07:20 Dealing with Loneliness: Mango Farming Yourself
  • 15:00 Loneliness is Natural; Find Coping Mechanisms
  • 16:15 Avoid Social Media And/Or Improve Your Usage
  • 17:50 Find Acceptance And Acknowledge Loneliness
  • 18:45 Find a Routine: They Bring More Freedom
  • 21:10 “It’s not much light but it beats the darkness.”

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