Episode 4: What’s the Best & Worst About Adulthood?

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About The Episode

In this episode, we get a bit personal and talk about adulthood—the good and the bad. We’re both 25 now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about life, it’s that adulthood is a double-edged sword. We dive into what we love and hate about being 25 and how life has changed in comparison to when we were in college or even school. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

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Show Highlights

00:40 Being Responsible
01:50 Responsibility is Freedom
02:30 Decisions Have Consequences
03:00 The Chores Never End!
03:40 It’s Your Own Life Now
05:00 You’ll Never Figure It All Out
05:45 Who Buys The Batteries?
07:00 Adulthood is About Action
07:30 It’s a Catch-22

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